YMCA Studios

The Project recently secured funding until september 2013 through Children in need, this funding will help secure the studio and see the creation of a young persons steering group to help oversee the Studios  running and new programs.

YMCA Studios is a project aimed at encouraging and helping young people across Northumberland discover their musical potential.

YMCA Studios was purpose built and launched in september 2010 and is still going strong with more and more young people coming through its doors each week.

Weekly Programme

Monday - Beginners Rock (5pm - 10pm)

For those young people who wish to improve their skills and move to the next level of working or forming a band, this is where you need to be, if you are a band just starting out or would like to form a band, our workers can help you along the way, we can give you the time and space you need to practice as well as information and tips on your instruments and how to work together to write songs and not forgetting FREE RECORDING in our studio.

Tuesday - Lessons/ Bookings (5 - 9pm by appointment only)

These sessions are free and for anyone wishing to learn the basics on piano, singing, guitar, drums, bass, saxophone and many more, come along and have a chat at any time, we can also give you a taster session before you decide to start lessons with us.

We also allow people to book the studio during these times as well up to a week in advance, this can be just to book extra practice time or maybe studio time, anything you wish, just give us a call or send us a email.

Wednesday - Voice of the town (6 - 8pm)

This is a new program we have started. YMCA Studios has teamed up with Ashington Town council who are backing the new youth vocal group, anyone between the ages of 13 - 25 can join, the group meets at the ymca every wednesday, this group is all about you, no more classic choir songs, we will arrange anything you would like to try, at the moment the group are working on Mamma do the hump, Paradise, and a black eyed peas medley.

Thursday - MC/DJ (6 - 8:30pm)

This program runs along side our dropping session we run on a thursday till 8:30, we see the young people use the stage area and turn it into a  live performance space for all their friends, during these nights workers will also be hoping to recruit performers to take part in Raves which will be taking place once the refurbishments are completed to our hall area.

Friday - Rock Space (5 - 9:30pm)

This sessions allows any bands or groups with members under the age of 18 to rehearse and use the equipment here for free, this session is more aimed for bands which are already formed and are looking to get out their bedrooms and garages and start practicing for FREE in a well equipped rehearsal space area.

If you require any more information on any of these sessions, recording or on the studio itself please don't hesitate to contact Graeme Wright on :-


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