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Our mission is to help transform communities so that all young people can truly belong, contribute and thrive.  We have been a presence in the Northumberland community and on our present main site in Ashington for around 100 years.
The organisation is led by the Chief Executive, who leads a small team of experienced and professional staff and volunteers. The Chief Executive is accountable to the Board of Management who are elected or co-opted.  
We have a variety of youth activity programmes, which deliver over fifteen sessions each week and we work with a number of local partners to deliver some of these activities.  We also specialise in working with young people around music and digital art, using our professional and dedicated recording studio and media suite. The Northumberland YMCA has a track record in working with hard to reach groups and in delivering bespoke programmes to them.
We provide extra curricular activities for over a 400 young people over the course of a year on a number of sites and holiday programmes.  We are currently developing a Youth Arts Hub in Newbiggin and also Northumberland’s first specifically designed Digital Arts Hub in Ashington.
As an international organisation the YMCA is involved in developing worldwide partnerships and the support of young people.  We hope to be able to provide full time international placements for up to three young people in the coming year, and in addition provide a programme of support for young people wanting placements abroad from Northumberland. 
We have worked hard to define what it means for us to be a YMCA, what it means to be a Christian organisation, and how these things are worked out in practice.  At the heart of YMCAs across the world is a strong Christian ethos, which is reflected in a genuine motivation to serve others and to share the love and care shown by Jesus in His life here on earth.  This ethos is enshrined in the work of the YMCA through the universal symbol of the red triangle, which commits us to work with young people in body, mind and spirit.
Whilst many people who work or volunteer for the YMCA share a strong Christian faith, our ethos also warmly welcomes people of other faiths (or of no faith) to participate in YMCA activities, to volunteer for the Northumberland YMCA, or to seek employment with us.
We hope that the way we have express our faith basis resonates with you and that whatever your personal beliefs, you feel welcome within the community that is the Northumberland YMCA.
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